These basket are made from Plastic Polypropylene Hand Strapping.

These baskets are excellent for all sorts of things like: Picnics, Shopping, Gardening, Fishing, Going to the Beach and many many more.

Four Different Sizes Available And Designs:

XLarge: $36.00 NZD - 20CM Wide x 29CM Deep x 37CM Long

Large: $28.00 NZD - 15CM Wide x 27CM Deep x 35CM Long

Medium: $21.00 NZD - 14CM Wide x 25CM Deep x 33CM Long

Small: $15.00 NZD - 14CM Wide x 15CM Deep x 25CM Long

Design A

Code: BA01

Design B

Code: BB02

Design C

Code: BC03

Design D

Code: BD04

Design E

Code: BE05

Design F

Code: BF06

Design G

Code: BH07